Sunday, 13 April 2014

Book Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell *cue in paper clips*

I love how the story began. I love how it ended.

It was amazing. I simply agree with the review on the book cover; if it were an e-mail I'd forward it to everyone in my contacts. Most of the books I read are about two people finding each other and doing what they can to keep their relationship alive while fighting through all the history and insecurities. This book was about a guy whose job was to read e-mails (legally invade someone else's privacy) and filter them out to see who should be fired, reads a stream of e-mails from two women, falls in love with one of them, grow up and moves out of his mother's house, quit his job and leaves her a note saying sorry and then fate does what it does. The idea of a job like hist was both outrageous and amusing. Doesn't America already have an agency to do that already? Anyways, it all happened in a newspaper company/news network "The Courier". The guy was fascinated by the thread of e-mails from two women sent to each other. Then one day "she" e-mailed her friend about seeing this cute guy who looks like Jason Bateman with a bit of Hulk to his body. Then she talks about this Jason Bateman-look-alike as her "My Cute Guy" then turned "My Handsome Cute Guy" after seeing the Cute Guy having dinner with one of the old ladies named Doris then he realizes that she's/they've been talking about him and he's like "No no no no.... no, it can't be" like he can't believe the girl he was falling in love with through her e-mails has a crush on him. Now, how cute is that? And then we fast-forward until the part the other friend gets a miscarriage but gets pregnant again and THE girl has finally broken up with her boyfriend and it makes the readers go "OMG this is his chance!" and it is but the book says "Nah, it's not. Not yet. Just, wait for it. WAAAAAAIIT for it. Didn't I tell you to wait for it? Just WAIT, 'kay?" and the readers are like "NO NO NO NO ANOTHER GUY???? WHAAAAAATTT?" So yes, I was basically screaming inside my head when it got to the part when another guy asked her out on a date and she said yes then THE guy decided to quit his job and send her a note of apology for having read every e-mail flagged from her and... well, he did quit his job and she did date the other guy. I found it fascinating to watch him grow out of his shell and how shocked everyone was that a) He has a crush and there's a woman b) He's finally moved out of his mother's place and has his own apartment and  c) OMG a few months later they meet again at a theater and THE girl just drops her candies and they're like staring at each other and just when he's about to leave she sits beside him and then their hands touch around when the movie starts and then they're kissing and she's missed the whole movie already and she doesn't know what her movie review should have because she wasn't paying any attention at the movie because she was paying attention to him and they're thinking in their heads "Where have you been all my life?" and then he's apologizing for his former job and she's like "shut up and kiss me" and they do and then they end up together and it's another OMG moment in the history books.

Okay, I think I just wrote the longest run-on sentence in my own personal history of writing.

And, yes, it was amazing. And I'm gonna read every other book that Rainbow Rowell has written, which I'm pretty sure my best friend will appreciate.

P.S. THE guy was an IT guy and is currently working at another school and studying again at another school  and THE girl is a feature writer of movie reviews, hence the meeting at the theater.

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