Saturday, 28 December 2013

Book Review: The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan

This has been the most unusual book I've read so far. They are stories of people written in, how do I saw this, uhm, different formats. Every chapter is a different person with a different perspective on his/her life. One of my favorites was that one of this girl who everyone thinks is some kind of a whore who steals boys just because she wants to and that she can. They don't know that she sometimes (or maybe most of the time) hates herself for being that way. There's this guy she's dating and has been faithful to so far and she wants to leave him and is convinced to leave him because she knows or thinks she knows she'll just break his heart. She thinks she's desirable especially when it comes to her body but she doesn't think she's beautiful. In another chapter wherein it's her little sister's point of view, the little sister feels that she has never felt more alone without her older sister because the older sister is now in college and thinking of other things. The little sister talks about how her older sister has always been there for her and how she would defend her if someone bullied her. There was one part of her chapter where she talks about her older sister coming home after prom and tells her to come outside with her and they're just lying there in the grass and watching the stars. It reveals a lot about the complications of teenage life in high school, where there's so much drama and, of course, possibilities. I think that many would be confused while reading the first parts of it because they were all expecting the good old format of a traditional novel.I sure was, actually. It's a book worth reading again and again and it even gives you advice in how to find direction where you're feeling lost. That's how most teenagers feel in high school. They feel like they are just floating and drifting in the sea of people without purpose sometimes. It's a good book for teens to read, and I hope that they all put to heart the things they learn from it.

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