Sunday, 13 April 2014

Book Review: Honor and Obey by Teresa Mummert

It was weird reading this book because I thought it was a stand-alone (and it sort-of can be) but then I was browsing around and realized that it has 2 prequels and I'm like, oh gosh *face palm*.

It's a great book. A great read. But I did not like how things ended in this book.

I could have lived with the car accident. Just, not the whole *spoilers alert* AMNESIA part. But I love the fact that it happened to the guy and not the girl. Very clever. It made stuff more interesting afterwards but part of me wishes that the last parts were dragged a bit longer. I wanted the guy to suffer a bit. Or maybe a sequel to this. A novella perhaps? I really wanted the guy to suffer, just a bit. There's this sadistic part of me that just wants to punish him and I wanted to seem more of her being in-charge and punishing him for the hurt he's done her.

It was infuriating. It was maddening. It was passionate. It was that good a read.

They also have this very interesting relationship because she did after all, start out as his student and he was just this super-rich substitute professor, very much alike Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvian Reynard, although his parents are married and are probably happy with each other? The mom's not miserable so that's a good sign. They're both deliriously in love with each other and they're living this very kinky lifestyle. I did love one thing about the ending though. *spoilers alert* They got married. I thought that was sweet. He's a teacher and could have been fired after what he's done but he doesn't care (but I'm pretty sure he does as he has expressed in the books how much he loves to teach and see the look in his students' faces when they learn something new)/ Very caring and emotionally damaged. I love the characters so much because it's so very Fifty Shades of Grey.  The characters are very verbally and emotionally expressive and I just love that.

This is a book I'll proudly put in my bookshelf.

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