Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Back at last!

Oh God, I missed this! I seriously, seriously missed this! It's been days since we've had electricity but at least we have water here. I'm from Philippines, specifically in Bohol, and hell yeah we've been in  the middle of rough times though I think it's been much rougher for the ones in Tacloban. It's just so awful there. A sister school of my school got wiped out there. I just don't know how they'll put their live back up again but I believe that all of us will be just fine. Whew! *wipes sweat off forehead* It's really been rough with the 7.2 earthquake not to mention the aftershocks. Yes, it's been over a month and there are still aftershocks here. I had volunteered to distribute and repack relief goods around the first two weeks and we've seen broken roads and fallen bridges, landslides, homes that have become barren to the ground, houses that were eaten up (I mean down) by the ground and the churches! Watching all the damages nearly choked my heart. There was even the issue of politics with the relief goods and the rumors are true. There's a cavern underneath our city and we kinda think it's awesome. They say there's treasure buried there. There are ancient shovels down there, according to my cousins. We're all standing strong and putting our lives back into order here. Haiyan's wrath can't stop us from fighting to stand upright again.

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