Monday, 5 August 2013

My review:

Shades of Earth is the last of Beth Revis's Across the Universe trilogy. The plot begins with the Contingency shuttle(Cryolevel) of Godspeed, along with the frozens and 2/3 of Elder's people on board, landing on Centauri-Earth. Well, considering that this planet can support life, it's expected that there is life existing on the planet. The crash-landing isn't exactly a "We come in peace" message for the *cough* uhm.. *cough* aliens. But the aliens aren't exactly, well, aliens. Let's just say that in some distant future where humans are greedier than they are now, and because they're so greedy they're running out of this to take HERE so they're looking for other places to TAKE FROM. Get it? Anyway, the plot has more twists and tangles especially when unexpected things happen and the ones you've come to love and trust cannot be trusted at all. The real monsters aren't always what they seem. The scariest ones are always close even when you don't know they are.

Shades of Earth is an enthralling, fast-paced and hopelessly romantic sci-fi thriller and I doubt anyone could ever get their hands off this book once they start reading. And to know it all and understand how things came to be, they should probably start from the beginning.

Hmm.... guys, does it seem too soon for me to be giving another review? Oh well, I've got some time to kill anyway and the best way to kill time is read books :)

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