Monday, 5 August 2013

My review:

A Million Suns, in my opinion, is even better than it's prequel, Across the Universe. It's more action-packed than the first one and the story takes quite a new turn of events in this book. Believe me, there is nothing slow about this book and Beth Revis seems to like getting things from point A to point B in the speed of light without sacrificing the details. While the first book revolves around Amy's awakening and the murders of the few frozens, A Million Suns doesn't just answer the "Why?" but also "Why now?" To tell you the truth, that did make quite a lot of sense since Orion's been alive even before Elder's been born and he could have done it then but why did he do them now? The plot starts around 3 months after Amy's been awakened. They still call her a freak but at least they're learning not to flinch away from her. Though Orion's been frozen, he still haunts Amy and Elder. Amy still hates Orion for what he had done but she knows that some part of her understands why he did them. But the book isn't only about why he did them but also why he did them NOW. The important part is the NOW because soon enough Amy and Elder will discover the biggest secret of them all. Now Amy and Elder have to race to get to the clues before it's too late. The fate of Godspeed and its passengers lies in the hands of two teenagers. The book has only one conclusion: they need to get off Godspeed.

But the question is, how? 

Oh folks, just read it. You people are going to love it and none of you will ever regret taking this book out of the bookshelf.

This is my honest review of the book and I honestly think that Beth Revis should be immortal so that she could write books for us forever.  Hahaha!

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